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Internationally Recognized
Author of "Most of My Angels Don't Have Wings" and Co-author of "Love Energy"

" A beautiful journey of re-discovery. The author leads us with wisdom to the realization that love is the glue that holds all realities together."

John Harricharan, award winning author, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat

"Jack Moon is a gentle teacher and guide who speaks clearly to the divine child within each of us. He pilots the reader into the realm of spirit as sweetly as a moonbeam invites a dreamer to remember his Home. This volume is a gift to us all."

What Others say about the Book

Have you ever gone home again, or home to your heart, and rediscovered your life and your divine spark? Would you like to? Would you like to connect to the Divine love energy to make the world safer, within and without? Do you know the difference between acting from love and reacting from fear? Can you transform feelings of being a victim, or being abandoned?

Most of My Angels Don't Have Wings -gives simple methods to heal hurt feelings and bring us back to our hearts. You will be lifted up and nurtured, along with the character, by a journey to his childhood farm where everything speaks to his soul as old friends sharing ancient wisdom. These spirit guides act through his memories and dreamtimes as teachers with a sense of humor. You may recognize yourself as you relive the character's adventures!

"I felt 'hooked' - compelled to read on from the beginning. This book touched me deeply. I have read protions many times;each time I learned something new about myself and the world. You will want to keep this book by your bedside and read it over and over."

- Helen Descovich, Metaphysical Center of Vienna, Austria

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